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A New Era in Diamond Grading is Finally Here

The world today is moving and changing, faster than ever before. Technology has progressed at such an incredible rate and consumers are continually raising the bar.

Sarine is the first company to utilize AI technology to improve diamond grading to unprecedented levels of accuracy and consistency. AI-based grading is the key to building customer confidence, and it is taking the diamond retail industry to new frontiers.


Introducing eGrading™: Diamond Grading at the Source

Imagine diamond grading that’s no longer bound by the walls of the gem lab.

eGrading™ by Sarine is diamond grading reimagined. Powered by AI, e-Grading™ empowers diamond professionals with the ability to grade diamonds quickly, easily, anywhere - and with the highest precision.


What is the Power of eGrading™?

  • eGrading™ is accurate diamond grading at the source - on the manufacturing floor, in the wholesaler’s showroom, at the jewelry store. The data is available on any mobile device. Wherever, whenever, and however you need.
  • eGrading™ is true personalization of diamond grading, delivering desirable data and parameters for specific markets and even individual customers.
  • eGrading™ is a new approach to diamond sourcing, enabling sourcing of diamonds far earlier in the pipeline, according to pre-defined grading criterias.
  • eGrading™ is reduced costs, accelerated time to market, enhanced retail experiences, and better results for everyone - manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and customers alike.


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